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arquitectura, diseño de interiores y muebles

Archea Associati has chosen to entrust the development of its new website to Riot Design. We have created a web site with clean and minimal graphics, with design choices marked on usability, given the need to make it as easy it possible to consult the large amount of architectural projects. The layout of the website is in fact responsive, and is available in four languages ​​(Italian, English, Portuguese and Chinese) for all the headquarters of Archea Associati in the world.

In addition to the website we also helped Archea with their email newsletter campaign: We designed a variety of layouts for message templates, then we imported and optimized the database of users, and we prepared the staff on using MailChimp for the management, delivery and reporting of periodic newsletters in multiple languages.

Web: breeze.com.ar

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Saavedra · C.A.B.A · Argentina



Agustín D. Bazzarini

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